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“Amidst the string of silvery islets, in the Adriatic Sea, stands the forested island of Lastovo, an amazing beautiful island, which from the outside appears to be a forgotten companion of history, while there, in the shade of its tall olive trees, life has flourished since pre-Hellenic times.”

Bernard Shaw


A green island sunk into the azure blue of the open Adriatic Sea and surrounded by a string of silvery islets. With a warm Mediterranean climate and protected from the landward winds, Lastovo offers visitors rest and pleasant relaxation all year round.

The island and the archipelago have, by some miracle, been spared of the gifts of the industrial civilization. Lastovo is perhaps the final fragment of the original Mediterranean as born by Homer and which delighted Lord Byron.

Lastovo is the perfect place for a vacation with friends in pristine nature, with healthy and fresh foods served from the island fields and the surrounding crystal blue sea, a vacation with the wine that was drunk by Roman Emperors.



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