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Pansion Mariza, Pasadur, Lastovo

In the magnificent bay of “Velo Lago” we find Pansion Mariza, situated on the very seashore with its own waterfront and beach, and offering a view of the low green islets and the crystal clear sea. Our home offers three modernly equipped apartments. Give in to the unique experience of the foods prepared with care and love by mama Mariza, from only the best and most original ingredients, which all grow on this heavenly island.
On our large terrace with a magnificent sea view, enjoy a rich breakfast and dinner made of local delicacies, and with ingredients we grow ourselves. Homemade brandies and wine are a standard part of the dining experience.


Forget about work, stress, the news, TV and newspapers. Spend your vacation in the simplicity and beauty of this exceptional island.

Here you can swim, walk, come with us into the fields or fishing, or go diving. We will show you all the wonders of our beautiful island and its bays.

Here we will share all that we ourselves grow and catch: freshly caught fish, just picked vegetables in the field, wine produced without any additives. And while the enchanting aromas from the oven mix with the fragrance of mint, rosemary, marjoram and sage, we will say a toast with a glass of rose brandy or carob brandy – to life itself.

Get away, come, catch some quality time in this place free from the rush. Relax, enjoy. Here we offer peace for your soul, health, tranquillity and satisfaction…


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